Social Bookmarking
The evolution of social bookmarking comes from the concept of storing important Information and making it accessible whenever needed. Before the massive disruption of smart phones and apps we use to store our information on paper and would keep bookmarks to quickly reach to the correct page, or resource. We often had to travel carrying all this information with us that would make it difficult and an unnecessary exercise.
Soon this whole idea was centralized with a bookmarking website, these websites would allow users to store and share links to their own webpages or other webpages easily and would help them organize in categories and tags for quick access. You would not need to carry all this information with you, but you could now login to your social bookmarking website account and see all you had stored online. This reduced effort for saving each document and made this data available where ever you go.
With the rapid adoption of technology and information in our daily lives an abundance of information became available to us, now we had to search using search engines to get the information we wanted. Slowly the search engines started giving websites rankings based on a number of factors that included quality of the content in the page and the back links this page had. The quality of these backlinks also have weight and are important for a website to rank. With growing competition in websites creating backlinks was not enough, and new terms like page authority and domain authority were invented. Search engine optimizers or SEO'S started adding webpages to social bookmarking websites to increase authority of webpage that links back to main site. Adding webpages to social bookmarking websites also generates direct traffic.
Social bookmarking now plays an important role in SEO along with its main use that is saving and sharing resourceful information online.