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It is very amazing fact that how humans have utilized the brain to bring several revolutions. Not to mention, being considered as the most intelligent organism on the planet, man has contributed several inventions and discoveries - technology is one such. Can you believe a way back in early days, we used to utilize sketches of map on the paper for navigation. Then there were also the magnetic compasses showing the poles - north and south.

But look where we stand today, technology has absolutely changed the way of looking at the entire world. In fact the maps used these days are no longer similar to that of the old times. The map you see on the cell phone or desktop is a digital map, which helps to search the directions to your desired destination whether its your newly shifted house or route to a farm house located at the outskirts of the city. Digitalization forms the basis of the technology which has interconnected the world wirelessly. Let me explain it in easy terms, you staying at one place can easily view the maps of another place irrespective of remoteness or altitude of the place.

Whenever we talk digital maps, there is a special mention of rf planning (radio frequency planning) which utilizes radio waves which are best known for communication. Basically, a radio wave has unique property to transfer information from one place to another place (anywhere on the earth) at very high accuracy. This wave having long wave length and small frequency have been largely adopted in several field.

The maps are so accurate that different countries, cities or town showing every single minute lanes and boulevards is possible. In addition it also includes depiction of vegetation (natural landscape) buildings or any other constructions. Likewise, you can make data of population distribution model, railways line, roads and or thoimage also. Especially radio frequency planning is a great redeemer at the traffic jams, as these map help in smooth flow of traffic with any congestion. Similarly it  has provided a huge source of support to our defense army  providing real time realistic pictures.

High resolution aerial views and 3d models have given great value deals to the architectural companies, urban planning and engineering too. Moreover, during disasters, it has been proved to be an efficient emergency response. Hence there are unlimited numbers advantages provided to various fields. These  high quality geodata are very much need of the telecommunication market, navigation fields, transport management, logistics, geomarketing as well as many other applications. Consequently increasing in demand of geospatial products, the market of such tools have boomed very appreciatively. Being a competitive market, most of the service provider avail these softwares/tools at cheaper and affordable rates. An online research can always be done to find out the details of services, these companies are providing. If you are wandering for some outstanding software, you can always customize for yourself, as these may be available in different format like GSM, CDMA, UMTS/WCDMA, WIMAX, 3G, 4G or LTE.

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