PoE 3.0 Map Level Introduction


Path of Exile has three levels of “normal”, “cruel” and “ruthless”. The “normal” difficulty is the simplest without any punishment. The “cruel” difficulty resistance will be reduced, and Death will drop 5% experience. The “ruthless” difficulty resistance will be reduced more, and Death will drop 10% experience. Meanwhile, the ruthless map can drop more rare Poe currency items such as Mirror of Kalandra.

After completing the ruthless difficulty gem queen mission, the player can open the random map gameplay of the game on the map. Each of the out-of-bounds maps can open up to 6 Teleport doors (except daily), and players can repeat 6 times. New maps will be dropped in the map (including the plot), and new maps can be obtained through compositing or NPC purchases.

In addition, regular tasks have many BOSS with special attributes and special abilities, which is quite challenging.

For example, the third chapter is the final BOSS “Sacred leader of the Lord” and the fourth chapter of the final BOSS “Meng Malay Kai”.

Before challenging the “Sage Lord God Lord”, you need to defeat the three janitors and the skinny brother. Of course, this is just an introduction. The difficulty of the BOSS strategy is the slowdown skill of its casting. If you eat it, then With Boss’ follow-up “Lightning The Soul” skill, it’s easy to kill you.

The “Dream Maracay” Boss play is not an ordinary way, the player will fight side by side with a drag bottle NPC. When the battle reaches a certain stage, Boss will be invincible. At this time, it is necessary to turn to the NPC that is controlled by Boss. This is not counting, when the Boss blood volume is 0, it will switch places and you will be singled out again. It is really vomiting blood.

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