How to buy more Poe currency at the master


The seven forgotten masters each have their own characteristics and various tasks and sell PoE currency at different prices. These missions will bring you new challenges as you deepen into Vallas. Masters and quests may appear anywhere in the game, even on maps from outside. When you have assisted a master and completed his mission, you will be able to find them in town later.

You can move directly from your town or other player's hideout to your own hideout. Abandon daily You can give up directly after accepting the mission. It is suitable for killing new special PoE currency and legendary equipment when you have a full eighth level and have no time to solve the daily mission. Retrieving crafts and crafts You can get crafts and crafts of other masters when the hiding place is full.

After the Undead Master and Assassin Master pick up the task, there will be finger animations pointing at the target direction of the task. Completing the master's mission will increase the friend ’s friendliness (friendliness will increase the master ’s level) and earn friendship points (used to buy decorations to decorate your hideout).

Every master sells items. The variety of items will increase as the master level rises (or even the chance to show legendary gear when reaching level 8). Every time you start a daily quest, what they sell will reset.

Each master has a unique affix attribute that only appears on items he sells. After you buy this item, you can use various methods to create equipment that meets your needs.

When the master reaches level 2, you can invite him to your hideout. When they stay in your hiding place, they will provide you with a daily task of 250% friendship and friendship points every day. If your friends assist you with this daily task, they will receive bonus bonuses for friendship and friendship.

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