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What is SPSS?


SPSS means Data Package for Social Sciences. SPSS is a software used for social science analysis. It’s the finest software for the computation and analysis of statistical data. It is similarly used in other fields, like mathematical sciences, marketing, and health sciences. Helps provide ad-hoc analysis, data management, theory tests, data management, and reports. The work of SPSS is to translate raw data into relevant information. SPSS is equipped with a variety of data management tools, including data recording functions, and macros software.

Collection of data and Organization


Scholars regularly use SPSS as a way of data collection gears. The SPSS statistics entry screen is the same as any other database software. We can input variables and data for testing and save the work as a data file. Besides, the data in SPSS can be organized by dividing the properties into varies variables. For instance, we may refer to a variable as nominal and store the info in SPSS. Later when you visit the data file, perhaps months or even years, we can see exactly how data is systematized.

Data Output


After collecting data and importing it into a data view in SPSS, you can create a result file as of the data. For instance, you can create a distribution of frequency data to determine if the data set is normally distributed. The distribution of frequency is shown in the result file. You can transfer the output file items and paste them into a copy of the research paper you are writing. So, you can get a table or graph straight from SPSS data result file as an alternative of reconstructing a graph Chart 

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