You can see how disingenuous jagex are by takin...


Firms love money, they thrive and grow off of it RS gold so ofc they will find ways to monetize their game. But the distinction between WoW and rs3 is it is within the context of each match. You say WoW triple dips but be fair, how is buying two years worth of'new content' in the kind of multiple raid tiers, dungeons and other expansion specific features the exact same as having the ability to pull out your wallet and buy your finest in slot equipment, the ability gamble and multiply your gold at a literal built in minigame AND directly purchase xp which in my eyes is the worst as I value maxing/120s as the main progression in runescape.

You can see how disingenuous jagex are by taking a look at the reaction of mod mic to opting out of mtx, I have never seen a worse non-answer in my entire life brother. There isnt really an opt out for wow seeing since the mtx in question is either buying gold (valueless and simple to obtain through passive play) and faction change/character change/level promotes and such as people are absolutely optional and dont assistance nor hinder your gameplay that is purposeful.

Well I uninstalled runescape after not playing for about 3 weeks since I wanted to wait for this livestream to make my decision. However, this needs to be out and the largest non answer of touch flow I've seen from a provider. Like nothing they stated is promising they want to experimentate with even more MTX to see whether they could"lower" some others like we all know that wont happen. They have not said anything that is currently addressing our complaints of their answers are essentially we want more cash fk you what even is volatility I dunno boys pls give us money. That graph of membership prices was fairly fun considering they consider themselves to be around precisely the exact same level as games as FFXIV and WoW that's kinda insulting to the others on the listing.

They're experimenting with new monetization models (different from MTX( but comparable ). They want to reduce or remove TH, if those succeed. But they do not see a way to simply reduce TH now which makes sense as they would probably have to fire a number of employees they can no longer manage which would subsequently cause distress for their company structure and increase the danger of it all falling apart leaving us with even worse updates. This is their argument for keeping TH. Do I enjoy it? No. Do I understand? Yes. Since not every firm may be Elon Musk, they are working.

Complete ignoring the simple fact that if runescape players value their time highly they will be annoyed that someone was able to best osrs gold sites accomplish exactly the identical thing in half the time as them because they spent irl money/bonds. Runescape players placing a high value on their time could just as easily be utilized as a motive for why they should not market"time savers". I don't really care about mtx I've accepted it and I have been maxed to the better part of 10 decades but it leaves me scratching my head, if they give these types of statements.

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