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 Teaching is one of the influencing jobs which makes a huge role in the life of every person. Teachers, who teach that can make a person good or bad? A teacher can shape the life of a person through his teaching. The teaching of a teacher makes his personality, how the teaching of his influencing someone to understand & learn the things? 

                                        Every teacher has to face some challenges, that his students able to understand his teaching how much & how quickly they get it. Different teaching methods are used by the teachers in the classroom to teach the students. It is very necessary to use the Innovative Teaching Strategy to teach the children. So we will discuss in this blog on Innovative Teaching with different strategies. 



-Innovative Teaching

"Renewing & Creating traditional teaching methods better to make the learning easier & interesting for the students."

Innovative Teaching Methods is a new way of teaching which includes creativity, interactive & technology in teaching. Renewing traditional teaching to provide a new method of teaching to make learning better.



-The necessity of innovative teaching methods?

As technological advancement & development growth at a rapid rate, traditional teaching does not have a pace to compete with today's growth. Innovative teaching methods use creativity, interactive & technological learning to make a person theoretical & practically skillful to compete & develop new innovation.

Innovative teaching engages the student in the classroom & develop an interest to learn.

-Advantages Of Innovative Teaching Strategy:-

  • Innovative learning involves technology that makes learning more engaging and interesting for children who never pay enough attention to the class.
  • As technology supports the teachers to make a better explanation for primary students who have a “fresh & empty" mind and are not uniform in knowledge background as the teachers.
  • innovative technology-based methods provide an interactive teaching-learning environment for kids who are always eager to explore the world to fulfill their curiosity.
  • It involves creativity in teaching which makes learning an interesting through creativity to learn.


-Methods Of Innovative Teaching Strategies:-





It is one of the practical teachings methods to teach in the classroom a lesson or topic with visualization which helps as the practical things influence the learning, make the learning easier & better to understand the classroom.

Incident process:


Defining a topic or lesson with using the incident provides a better image to teach the class & it helps in understanding in an easier manner. This is one of the effective teachings methods mostly used by the teachers to teach in the classroom which helps in remembering both teacher & students the topic or lesson.




This is one highly practicing teaching methods which help in generating ideas or concept. Brainstorming contains a group of 4-5 people to discuss a topic to get new ideas, theories, etc.


Case Method:


This is one of the influential teachings methods used by the teachers from primary school to every learning phase of life to teach someone, to develop theory, help in generating ideas, etc.




Self-learning is a favorite learning method of many people which enables them to understand & learn differently topics or lessons.


Managed classroom with technology:


Using technology for teaching helps the teacher to teach & make learning easier for students. Technology engages the classroom for learning & makes the environment interesting to learn with deep knowledge other than the books.


Student Response Systems:


Student Response System is one of the practical teaching methods used by the teachers to teach in the classroom which is one of the interactive teaching methods parts to use for teaching & learning. This method helps in engaging the classroom with the teacher in learning.

Gamify Personal Learning: 


Learning with the game is one of the favorites learning of students or children to learn. They engage themselves with full dedication to learning with the game. These methods are very useful & it has own advantage in a different aspect.


Use Interactive Teaching: 


Interactive or engaging in a classroom with students help the teacher or students to relax with each other. It makes the bond between students & teacher which is very helpful in learning & developing skills.


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