Benefits of oat milk brand in the mail because they actually came with a handwritten thank-you note from the people who make it and it was like sign and everything and I just think that they must be a pretty small company still which is pretty cool to go and support a company like that but I also think that it's a really cool idea for a company that is small I'm kind of trying to break through to have this sort of trial system where you can just order like you know sample pots of everything and you can kind of get a full look from it and see whether it's your style or not I guess so since  benefits of oat milk reviews that our story was I'm not oh my glasses up here we're just gonna are just gonna try let's blow this up there we go Ashley Krane was working as a nuclear analyst in DC when she decided that going au naturale Sam's makeup shouldn't be her only way to avoid breakouts an irritation she did her research dumped her coffee grinder as a mental mixer and set out to create makeup that would leave her skin as happy as it was after a week of nakedness her mission was to use exclusively healthy natural and ethically sourced ingredients in order

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