I'd say it's because the skill gained some rele...


I'd say it's because the skill gained some old school rs gold relevance again. I mean look at something like whiteberries - who is going to be farming these at only 4 berries a plant? It ought to get the type of yield we see from herbs. (Wouldn't that be fascinating, not needing all our secondary ingredients come from PvM).Summon a [[Giant Ent]] & wear the farmer outfit to secure more whiteberries off a bush. Getting to the berry bush spots is pretty quick with combat bracelet, Rimmington teleport tablet, Kandarin monastery teleport, Attuned crystal seed, & the implanted spirit tree on Etcetera.

Amazing, how many times do we have to inform Jagex we don't want 120 skills before big upgrades? How about making construction useful again, or perhaps AT LEAST placing content into every degree beyond 99.... BUT NO! So folks purchase the XP, you just raise level caps. Really disgusting.

They said the reason they combined Building rework and 120 together from the survey is because the M&S rework took a great deal of dev time but maybe not a great deal of engagement by runescape players. So should they rework Structure the question for them is... How do we get each runescape player, even someone at max, to put in many many hours at the update? 120s and"reputation" is their answer for Farming, and 120 will most likely be the response for Construction since not a lot of people have it 120 yet I suspect.

So people only buy keys to train 120 abilities? That's just. I fully agree that I would much rather find a rework, but come on folks, realize there's a ton of work required to redesign a skill instead of tacking on extra content for another already setup one. And 120 skills, though I will completely agree that I wish there was more content at the later levels, help give additional goals to fastest way to make money osrs mobile shoot for while enjoying, which is not as much of a"forced requirement" given comp cape lost its shine. It's adding a little longevity to a game that's already very top heavy if you look at runescape player levels.

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