new you keto ourselves in the evening


new you keto ourselves in the evening and see his managed to put the most weight of the day all right guys absolute stinker and though it's not my trim well it is my trim but also I'm stranding currency Oh God I was supposed to get flight back to London last night but it got canceled and so I've got spend half of the day traveling what I'm supposed to be gaining weight okay so I think mum I think I'm sitting quite heavy right now why is every side when video got me bullying in it you can tell that I haven't been awake long from the base of my voice that morning place but yeah good night well you know so there is the start of a new day time to weigh in see what my starting point is what the scale here and this is the outfit I'm gonna wear when I weigh at the end of the day so let's jump on all right here we go moment of truth that can't be right this is a 25 kilogram 60 1.9 kg that is what we're starting like they have so I'm gonna have some breakfast first if any of these different clothes on your huevos okay so welcome to my bathroom there is

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