Kinesiology Tape for Shoulder Injury


If you have shoulder pain, you may get benefit from physical therapy to help reduce your pain, improve your shoulder, mobility, and strength and improve the functional use of your arm. An experienced physical therapist may use various treatments and procedures to help you return to your optimal function.

Kinesiology Sports Wholesale Tape is a common treatment used in physical therapy. It can be used on the skin to help decrease pain, support your joints, manage lymphedema and facilitate normal muscle contractions.

Many times, shoulder pain is go along by loss of shoulder range of motion and decreased rotator cuff strength. Your physiotherapist can teach you various exercises to improve your rotator cuff strength and shoulder stability.

Kinesiology tape can be used to help facilitate your rotator cuff and shoulder deltoid muscle. It can augment your physical exercises to ensure that you gain quick strength and proper motion around your shoulder.

Apply tape to the front

• To begin, make your shoulder clean and dry. If the hair is present, a buzz clipper can be used to remove it. The first strip is to apply is on the front of your shoulder, take the help of a friend to ensure it is done properly.

• Sit with your shoulder and arm exposed.

• Cut an ‘I’ strip in the proper size with scissor. It should compute from the top of the front of your shoulder to the side of your arm.

• Reach behind you, placing your shoulder into extension. This stretches the muscles in the front part of it.

• Remove two inches of the Athletic Tape backing on one end of the ‘I’ strip and place it on the upper part of the front of your shoulder.

• Remove the backing.

• Pull the tape so that it is stretched about 25% and anchor the tape to the side of your arm about 1/3 of the way down.

Apply tape to the back

Once the ‘I’ strip is stuck to the front of your shoulder, it is time to place an ‘I’ strip on the back of a person’s shoulder. Here’s how to do it-

· Cut an ‘I’ shaped strip to the proper size. It should reach from the back of your upper shoulder to the side of your injured shoulder arm.

· Sit comfortably on the bed and reach your shoulder across the front of your body. This stretches the back part.

· Tear off the Strapping Sports Tape backing on about 2 inches of one side of the ‘I’ strip and anchor it on the upper part of the back shoulder.

· Peel off the tape backing and gently pull the tape to about 25% stretch and anchor the end side of your arm about 1/3 of the way down. Then, gently rub the tape for a few times to secure it and improve the adhesion. Using best-quality kinesiology tape may help augment your exercise program so you can get back to the previous level of activity quickly and safely.

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