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Learning how to ride a horse is seen as an elegant and classy sport that has several benefits. Young children who try horse riding Birmingham lessons at the right age are able to build up their strength, confidence, coordination, and focus as they grow up. Parents also see horse riding as a great way to enjoy the outdoors while at the same time their children can learn to love, appreciate, and respect animals.

Although trained horses are majestic and gentle creatures, the hobby can still be very dangerous for beginners of all ages, but most especially for young children. This makes concerned parents wonder: is my child ready for horse riding lessons?

How To Determine If Your Child Is Ready

Here are five very important factors all parents must consider before fully committing their time, effort, and money into horse riding:

Factor #1: Working With A Local Instructor

Not all horse riding instructors are the same. It is best to consult with a local instructor who is experienced in working with children and has an excellent track record with their students. The instructor can meet with your child and assess their readiness and natural abilities to give you peace of mind before enrolling them for future lessons.

Factor #2: Typical Age Range Of Other Riders

While visiting the horse riding Birmingham facility, observe the students participating in the lessons. Here you can see the typical age range of the children and determine whether your child’s skills can match theirs. Yes, children to learn and develop at different times, but seeing the skills needed in person will help you make a better decision.

Factor #3: A Possible Assessment Lesson

If you are still unsure and your child is persistent, schedule an assessment lesson with the instructor if it is possible. Doing this will help you see if your child is ready while also giving your child the chance to experience horse riding without the pressure of committing to future lessons.

Factor #4: Your Child’s Listening And Comprehension Skills

Children who are too young to listen and comprehend simple safety and riding instructions should never be enrolled for riding lessons. The youngest age for training usually starts at four years old as this is the age when children can pay attention and comprehend instructions.

Factor #5: Maturity And Understanding Of The Commitment

There is more to horse riding than just riding the horse. Inform your child that once they start their lessons, they are committing to a long list of responsibilities that they must follow through. Everything from safety, horse grooming, the cleaning of stables, as well as continued education is expected from them.

If they are not ready to handle these responsibilities, plus the necessity of waking up early on the weekends for classes, they should not start riding horses just yet. Be very clear and also honest with your child and yourself. Do not push your child to start lessons if they are not ready as this may only lead to disappointment, or worse, injuries.

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