Top Coffee Trends of 2020


Coffee is more than just a drink. It is a complete lifestyle, adrenaline rush and one's caffeine fix for the day. Big thanks to the Ethiopian goat-herder named Kaldi to discover the cup of joe. Since its inception, back in the 9th century, coffee has evolved as new roasts or blends are getting introduced by specialty roasters worldwide. If you live in Toronto, then you’ve probably visited some of best coffee shops Toronto. Toronto is a perfect example of how the coffee culture is changing.Now customers have a multitude of options when buying coffee and are able to find roasts that are perfect to them. This article is being written so that you are ready for your next visit to coffee shops in Toronto. This writeup aims to enlighten some of the most-hyped coffee trends heading in your way in 2020. Iced Coffee is back in the action Many coffee lovers overlooked iced coffee as it seemed to get ‘dated’. But now the drink, which was introduced back in the 1920s, is all set to gain back its popularity. 2019 gave us enough hintsthat iced coffees will be bursting back into the limelight, but the reasons remain unknown to many. Being coffeeholics, we believe it lost it’s popularity because of all the added flavor and sugar. It lost its identify as coffee! Now with single origin specialty coffees hitting the scene, the flavours are much more impactful and encourage to drink black! Coffee-Cola is the new trend The Coffee-Cola fusion is already winning the hearts in North America and folks from many other coffee loving countries.In 2020 you will see the coffee-cola fusion go mainstream. Caffeine addicts love it because they get to double down on the caffeine!Big brands like Coke and Pepsi are all set to revolutionize this new trend. Keep an eye out for ‘Pepsi Café’ and ‘Coke plus Coffee’ 2020. Coffee capsule machines are coming to the home The at home Coffee Capsule Machines are just breaking the surface of their growth potential. With more and more big brands developing coffee pods for these machines, we expect some great innovation coming! The most recent innovation for these machines are reusable pods! This means even if you favourite coffee roast doesn’t come in pod form, all you need to do is grind the beans and pack the pod! Snap chilled coffee on the go It’s been said that snap chilled coffee takes less prep time AND offers more flavor! It’s a perfect substitute for iced coffee especially when you’re on the move. The benefit is that it doesn’t have any ice reducing the amount of diluting that comes with iced coffee.The year 2020 is going to witness an exciting battle between snap chilled coffee vs iced coffee. Bio-friendly packing for all It’s been several years since Australian ABC highlighted the damage to the atmosphere through disposable cups. Still, in many parts of the world, disposable cups are used for the coffee. What is our expert opinion is the year 2020? Expect a rise in reusable cups, specifically with the big chain coffee companies. Environment sustainability has become an important factor for many coffee customers! Let us know what you think some of the 2020 coffee trends are going to be!

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