Madden 20 Face of the Franchise MUT Coins


When you get off the bus in "franchise mode" for the first time, you will be stopped by a security guard who thinks you are an active person. Then the security guard will ask you where you are playing. Don't worry about it, because there is no wrong answer. Instead, all you have to do is manually select the team you want to fight.

After meeting with the security personnel, he was stopped by the reporter immediately. She wants to ask you about your style of playing. Again, this is your choice to have full control, and this choice will determine your privileges as the QB of the other members of franchise face. The four options are:

Strong arm - good at throwing the orb to the field and passing it long.

Improviser - a QB who is not afraid to complete certain tricks.

Field general - more balanced QB, good at short and medium passes.

Scrambler - a QB that is not afraid to start and run with the orb .

After selecting here, you will get an update indicating that the QB prototype has been updated. Basically, your choice here will determine the type of QB you want to have in franchise. According to the above description, choose according to your game mode.

You will receive som MUT Coins question to determine your player type. |Hirun Cryer / USG of EA

Your next choice is to decide your personality. When you choose this option, you will decide how your personality will behave in franchise. Keep in mind that the NFL team is drafting the ultimate goal in face of the French, so you need to attract yourself as much as possible. Here are four choices for your personality:

Strong - somewhere between the dedicated player and the superstar icon.

Leaders - players with a high level of engagement and less controversy around them.

Entertainers - the more flashy the players are, the more interesting QBs will always make headlines.

Team player - more humble and attractive QB.

Your next choice is the locker room before your debut. Below, we outline the choices you have to choose before the game.

Agree with Coach - keep the game plan simple.

Agree with Isaiah - develop a more advanced game plan.

Basically, your choice here is to stretch your neck out boldly or follow the coach's instructions. Then, in the semi-final half of the game, you will face another choice. If you win in the semi-finals, you can choose to take all the credit yourself or submit to your teammates to share the credit. Also, play the QB role you want to play in franchise.

On the coach's or Isaiah's side. |Hirun Cryer / USG of EA

At the end of the game, you will be in touch with a child named Emily. Her father will tell you that she has a requirement in the final of the Championship: throw 4 touchdowns. It's not an easy thing or a feat, and if you do, the face of franchising doesn't clearly reveal the benefits.

Your next important choice is in the half of the national championship. Whether you win or lose, Isaiah will take you to one side and ask you to give him more in the second half. Your choice here is "agree" or "disagree" to pass the orb to him in the second half of the game.

Again, the only player you have to choose is the kind of player you want to be. Choose "agree" if you want to be a team player, or "disagree" if you want to have all the glory of the last game of the championship.

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