5 Ways To Keep Your Car In New Condition


To many people, it’s a dream come true to purchase a new vehicle, and some of us keep our car as prized possessions for many years. Here are some few guidelines which will not only help increase the life of your new vehicle but also invariably result in lower maintenance costs and gives you good resale value. [Note: The tips are powered by the trusted Hyundai Service Dubai Center, United Arab Emirates]

Take the things easily

The primary thing, you have to know is that every new car has a prescribed ‘Running-In’ period. Every new vehicle needs to run for without stressing the engine. In case of Diesel Engine, For the first 1,000-1,200km, it is advised to keep the engine revving under 2000rpm and In case of Diesel Engine, the engine revving between 2500-2700 rpm. It is also advisable to keep your car engine on idle for a minute after starting the motor and even before turning off the ignition.

The first service is critical

Every manufacturers recommend a prescribed service schedule for a new car. Most often, At 1,000km, the first service interval is set. while service, the mechanic generally re-tune the engine, and lifts all restrictions. You will even notice a marked improvement in the way your car performs after this.

After that, ensure that you don’t skip the prescribed service schedules. Modern cars have a service light indicator that tells you if the vehicle is due for a service.

Regularly Check engine oil level and air filter

During the first few service intervals, It would be best if you keep an eye on the engine oil level. If the oil level is shallow or there is a leak. Make sure you refill it first and then take your car to the nearest service centre. Also, make sure you clean your car air filter every 5,000 km to pull out particles that might have accumulated over time. The car air filter needs to be replaced every 10,000km in ideal conditions. 

The importance of tyre pressure

Tyres are perhaps the most crucial component in a car as they are the sole element that is in contact with the road. According to the manufacturer’s recommendations should make sure you set the tyre pressure. Otherwise, it will lead to lower fuel efficiency plus inconsistent handling.

Additionally, filling nitrogen in place of air can reduce the leakage and heat up of car tires in the summer. 

Keep Your Car Clean

Clean the car is always a task in itself. Never wipe the vehicle with a dry cloth as it may leave swirl marks behind. Make sure you are using a sufficient amount of water to wipe off the dust or use a wet micro-fibre cloth. Polish your car with car wax once a month or you could even get a paint protection film or an anti-rust coating done to retain that new-car shine.

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