Sale On E commerce Platform Growing Bigger


E-Commerce is a huge platform which is growing at an unprecedented rate all over the world. People from every age whether they are children, millennials, or old loves to shop from different e-stores. Online shopping provides more happiness as compared to physical shopping stores. The reason is simple as we have a lot of websites and apps focusing e-commerce, it has become simple to find anything on e-store that you want to buy immediately. In the coming years, it is expected that growth of e-commerce will increase like never before with all the current technologies. The rate of online shopping is increasing beyond measure rate and this is driving e-commerce owners crazy to keep their solid place in the online race.

Convenience, 24x7 availability, buy natural health care products‎, product choices, easy finance options and lucrative offers ahead of new launches have oiled the growth engine for e-commerce. Offline channel continues to play an important role in human touch, personalization and satisfaction of shopping experience. Omni-channel presence will also continue to play an important role for marketers. As online revenue continues to grow each year, larger gains are necessary to achieve the same level of growth, so some deceleration makes sense. Ecommerce penetration has steadily been on the rise—with online’s share of retail spend registering 10.5% in 2016, rising to 12.3% in 2017 and closing out 2018 at 14.4%, Internet Retailer estimates. The largest online retailers are powering this growth. In 2018, three of the top 10 global online retailers ranked by 2018 ecommerce sales (excluding sites operating exclusively as marketplace platforms) were web-only merchants. Their online revenue also significantly contributed to bumping up 2018’s ecommerce penetration. As web sales rise without an accompanying uptick in offline sales, online’s share of total retail sales grows.

Consumers are usually in search of product offers at very affordable or discount prices. Personalization holds a higher command on customer engagement. Customers frequently encounter new product offers that match their interests and they can get with simple taps of buttons, without having to move their feet.  Another important factor responsible for the growth of e-commerce is the low cost of running an e-commerce business.  Without going to any physical store anyone can buy Beauty Care Products sitting at home. Unlike brick-and-mortar stores, it is relatively cheaper to establish an online store than a physical one. E-commerce eliminates the need to build physical stores in which products are cataloged.

Also, e-commerce stores are accessible from any part of the world over the Internet. As a result, e-commerce stores are more accessible to customers globally and provide a passive experience for commercial activities.


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