All madden is Mut 20 coins straight bullshit


All madden is Mut 20 coins straight bullshit though, that difficulty needs a overhaul too. I stopped playing the cpu years ago though, it just wasnt fun anymore with just how dumb the AI is.

Wow, it's almost like they ought to have numerous difficulty levels or something which would solve this matter, rather than the AI just cheating greater the higher up you go. How do you do so. How would you create Madden more difficult without fostering the other teams stats as well as the CPU fitting your playcaller perfectly? I will wait. I'm not big on protecting madden but that one drives me nuts as like what do you expect them to perform lol.

I mean, many other sports games find a means to make difficulty levels more challenging without simply cheating. 2K and NHL are all examples. It's 2020 and these games create hundreds of millions of dollars annually, AI in almost every movie game has far surpassed Madden's. I'm not a programmer so I would not be able to give specifics, but so many of these issues have been a problem for years, you would think they could improve a little bit.

Why should the modification be automatic? Can't you learn how to make the alterations? I do not mean automatic adjustments preset snap, so I mean if you continue running the exact same stretch run 5 times in a row my cpu linebackers wont take the worst possible angle, they will play with it better. We can only control 1 player on the field, gotta depend on buy Madden nfl 20 coins your cpu teammates. Just like in my above reference of this lamar cheeser, he'd be running down area, well past the los and my safeties are still back pedling as lamar is full sprinting around them.

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