Tailoring PRINCE2 to the project Enironment


PRINCE2 tailoring PRINCE2 to the project environment Some aspects of the general approach to tailoring are: Applying the principles Adapting the themes Applying the organization's terms and language Adapting the roles Adapting the processes What is tailoring? Tailoring refers to the appropriate use of PRINCE2 on any given project, ensuring that there is a correct amount of planning, control, governance and use of the processes and themes. Difference between embedding and tailoring: Embedding is covered by the PRINCE2 maturity model. Whereas the tailoring is covered by PRINCE2 course. Specifically, on PRINCE2 course we are dealing with tailoring and not embedding. PRINCE2 is a web of interlinking elements: themes are used in processes; techniques are undertaken to bring things to life, and individuals fulfilling project roles to create management products. Tailoring does not consist of a mixing elements of PRINCE2. The method is not series of isolated silos. Whereby any element can be omitted with no effect on the others.Tailoring is not about leaving whole chunks of it out, it is about adapting the method to external factors and the project factors to consider. Prince2 Training: https://unichrone.com/prince2-foundation-practitioner-certification-training/

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