PRINCE2'S Planning levels


Types of Plans in PRINCE2 There are three main levels of plans in PRINCE2 - Project Plans, Stage Plans and Team Plans. Exception Plans can apply at any level, and it's important to remain aware of the importance of Programme Plans. Below the diagram you'll find more information on each type of plan. Programme (Corporate) Plan t’s important that all project planning is done with reference to an organisation’s Programme Plan if there is one. PRINCE2 projects work very well with the MSP framework for managing successful programmes. Project Plan The Project Plan forms part of the Project Initiation Document and includes the business case. It will detail the start and end points of the different milestones/stages, and control points for these. The Project Plan is reviewed and revised throughout the project. Stage Plans (Initiation and Delivery) The Initiation Stage Plan is created during the Starting Up A Project stage. The point at which the Initiation Stage Plan is authorised by the Project Board becomes the formal start of the project. Delivery Stage Plans are created on a rolling basis; they are written and authorised during the managing a stage boundary process. Each time a stage boundary is passed, the Project Plan is consulted and factors such as acceptance criteria and tolerances are reviewed. Where necessary, the Project Plan itself is updated. Team Plans Team Plans are created by team managers to detail how, when and by whom specific areas of work will be carried out. These may not be needed for smaller projects where sufficient levels of detail are possible in the Project Plan. Team Plans often include work schedules. Prince2 Training:

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